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My Life…Teen Actor…COVID…Viva Las Vegas

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

August 20, 2020

Hey Guys! Well life is always interesting, right? For the past five months, Los Angeles has been in lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus and I have not left the house much. My aunt Diana invited our family to Las Vegas this past weekend to celebrate her daughter’s (my Lil Sis Akyra) birthday. I am not sure how others are but, I have been somewhat scared to go out. However, mom said she was taking Lysol spray and we had lots of hand sanitizer. So last Sunday we drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

(My Mom). First, let me say, we did not leave until around 10:00 am, which would have been fine any other day except California is experiencing the hottest weather in history (Triple digits, Blackouts) so; it was already hot as Hades. So mom drove and by the time we got about an hour outside Las Vegas, we saw fires. It was 112 degrees (F) and then the car's engine light comes on as engine running hot. Mom turned off the AC. Which would not been so bad had it not been a thousand degrees outside driving thru the Mojave Desert and I had not worn my Rubik’s Cube sweatshirt (Mom usually keeps it really cold in the car). AC is now off, windows are now down, hot air is now circulating in the car, the smell of the brush fire is wafting thru the car (I guess mentioning that smoke smell like burning wood, cigarette smoke etc. makes me sick and brings on migraine for my mom) we are now looking for a place to take a bathroom break because mom has now been drinking water since we left LA. She does not sweat so the heat makes her sick. We finally find a gas station about 40 miles outside of Las Vegas. The restrooms are closed. Of course, they are closed! Let us not make anything easy today please! (Do you hear the sarcasm in my voice?) It would not make a good story if they were open. Mom is kind of walking with a hop in her step because she needs a bathroom. I look on the GPS and see there is a McDonalds about five miles away, so we head in that direction. We get to McDonalds, put on our masks and we go in and of course there is a line but luckily, for her, the line is moving fast. She is now able to get to a restroom. So then, we get back in the car to head toward Vegas at a very slow rate so we could run the AC. We finally made it to our hotel. It was so hot in Las Vegas and wearing our mask, it made it very hard to breathe with the humidity.

We stayed at the

Paris hotel. It was so nice! It was my mom and my first time in Vegas together. When we got to our room, mom turned the AC down to 62 and sprayed the room with Lysol.

We celebrated Akyra’s Birthday (Check out her cool shoes from Dolls Kill)

that night at Buca di Beppo and that night along with my awesome Lil bro Toby

went to the Arcade to play Mario Cart. The next day we walked around Vegas as much as we could. It was 113 and humid so we went back to the hotel to play miniature golf in the Twilight Zone.

We had a great treat that night. My friend and amazing actor Gabriella Martinez

came by and ate with me that night in the Paris Hotel at the La Pizza. My mom is an Engineer during the day and PR Agent on the side. She owns GTK PR Talent Agency, LLC and Gabriella’s mom is Millennium PR

so they work on some events together. She is amazing.

The next day, mom and I went to the Ferris Wheel called High Roller ,

as we were walking thru the High Roller gift shop, mom found this Jacket and Cap and WANTED it. Ok, if anyone knows my mom, they know she has to have some kind of Bling! Note the picture with her mask. Then she treated me to Ghirardelli shake.

It was a great time.

Mom told me to find a place to eat so I found this Mexican Restaurant that looked good! It was called the Canonita. Let me just say OMG! It was amazing and I completely fell in love with the Venetian Hotel.

My dream is to one day do a tour of Italy and Sicily so when I stepped into the Venetian #VenetianVegas. I completely fell in love! It looked like you were transported to Venice Italy. I could not get over how much I love that place! I did not want to leave. This was the best moment I have had in months since the COVID started. Mom took me on a ride in their Gondola and when you rode in this, I cannot explain how much it felt like I was in Italy. At the beginning and at the end of the ride, there were classical singers that would sing an Italian song. I felt so great and then sad. I knew I was going to have to leave soon and I did not want to. I asked mom if we could please come back. I would love to live there in that hotel if they would let me. Mom said of course, next month is her birthday so we can do an overnight trip. If you are ever in Las Vegas check out the Venetian. you may find me there!


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